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Game Rules of Play

  • CC Elite follows the USSF official indoor soccer rules, unless otherwise specified (no head plays 10u and below)
  • Teams are made up of a minimum of 12 players with a maximum of 15 players. If a team cannot make the minimum requirement, CC Elite reserves the right to add “free agent” players to any roster until minimum requirement is met.
  • Our floor is made up of Sport Court. The smooth, hard surface makes for a fast pace game with significantly less resistance against the ball than with grass or turf. To offset those changes, we use a size 3-4 futsal ball.
  • Games are played 8 vs 8 players (with the exception of our 6u league; which is played 5 vs 5).
  • All free kicks are considered indirect.
  • To protect our fire sprinkler system and maintain the safety of our players, a 2-minute penalty is issued if the ball hits the ceiling/net. An alternate can substitute for goalkeeper penalty. (When the ball hits the net/ceiling it is considered “out of bounds”).
  • Substitutions and change ups are “on the fly” (clock and game will not stop)
  • 3-step foul system: 1st yellow card foul 2 min timeout penalty. 2nd yellow card foul results in red card ejection from game. 2 red card ejections in one season automatic 1-game suspension.
  • 5 Goal rule: For every 5-point lead, the leading team will remove one player from the field and play with the handicap until the gap is closed.
  • 2 points for a win – 1-point for a tie (2-tier play-offs and championships)
  • 8 Goal Rule: In an effort to maintain positive sportsmanship and nurture the moral of the players during the game, the scoreboard will never reflect more than an 8pt lead (although the scorekeeper will continue to keep score for team stats).
  • NO intentional aggressive contact ALLOWED
  • NO intentional aggressive contact ALLOWED
  • No sliding allowed
  • No contact with goals or goalkeepers allowed
  • Official’s decision is final!!! Any Disrespect to officials/scorekeeper/facility employee (by player or parent) can result in player suspension, expulsion and/or ejection from facility (no refunds).